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Moonbah River

The Moonbah, or Mowamba River, flows from the foot of Mount Leo, near Lady Northcotes Chair, not far from Thredbo Village. From high in the mountains it then winds is way down through the stunningly beautiful Moonbah Valley and eventually into Jindabyne Dam, at the Dam Wall. In the days prior to the Mowamba Aquaduct, the Moonbah flowed directly into the mighty Snowy River, below the dam wall.

The Moonbah River is the most pristine river in the mountains and has never ceased to flow. It is predominately fed by the numerous springs along its path and is not heavily reliant upon rainfall. Even during the recent; 'worst drought in history', its flow never waned.

Fly Box


Brown & Olive Nymphs
Royal Wulff
Red Tag

Royal Wulff
Hopper Paterns (best with bright orange hackle)
Black Parachute Spinner
March Brown
Olive Nymph
Brown Beetle
Termite / Ant (black with white wings)

Noel's Knobby Hopper
Brown & Olive Nymphs
Royal Wulff


No 1 Celtas
Gillies Killer Spinner in Gold
CD5 Rapallas Rainbow Trout
Knols Trout Minnow Rainbow or Brown Trout
Legend Minnow Shallow Brown Trout

The Moonbah River is best suited to fly fishing. Summer dry fly fishing on this little river is really as good as anywhere in the world. These days a fish of 3lb is a good fish and most are around the 1-11/2lb mark.

The middle and lower sections of the Moonbah River provide numerous fishing access points however, most are located on private lands. The various owners are usually very receptive to good manners and allow fishing along most of the river if asked. The upper section provides limited access to fisherpersons along Big Yard Road, (private property), but beyond there the river flows within Kosciuszko National Park and access is very overgrown and limited. The highest accessible fishing is at Moonbah Hut, Big Yard Road, where guests enjoy private access to the upper stretches of the river.

In addition to the Moonbah itself, both the Rendevous Creek, (otherwise known as Little River), & Grosses Plain Creek, both tributaries of the Moonbah, also provide flyfishing opportunities. The Rendevous has also never ceased flowing and, although very much a 'twig' stream, still produces great fish up to 2lb and the occasional bigger fish. Grosses Plain Creek does suffer low levels in drought, but still holds fish.

Best flies on the Moonbah include: Red Tag, Royall Wulff, Parachute Adams, Brown and Olive Nymphs, Hopper patterns & Black Ants.

Mobile telephone coverage is almost non-existant on sections of the Moonbah above the Barry Way/Big Yard Road intersection.










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