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 Snowy River - Barry Way

The once mighty Snowy River commences it's 352 kilometre run to Bass Strait at the foot of Australias highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko, at 2228 above sea level. Unfortunately, it is now mere shadow of its' former self. With the construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Scheme in the 1950-60's, the river was doomed. When Jindabyne Dam was completed in 1967 the Snowy Rivers' flow was reduced to only 1% of it's free running days. Pressure from environmentalists in recent times have seen promises to eventually restore 28% of its' original flow to continue below Jindabyne Dam Wall. Only time will tell if this actually occurs. In any case, the fishing is not really worth the effort until the tributaries of the Jacobs and Pinch Rivers flow into the Snowy, South of Jindabyne on the Barry Way, almost to the Victorian border! The drive from Jindabyne takes approximately 1 hour and is particularly scenic in places despite the quite perilous drive on the very steep, narrow and dirt road. It is so narrow it is not suitable for trailers or caravans of any description. Both the Jacobs and Pinch Rivers contain reasonable quantities of both brown and rainbow trout, so despite the lack of reputation the Snowy has, it does contain fish and is worth the drive for those wanting to fish a very remote, rarely fished waterway. The river is open to all forms of fishing. A recent stocking of Bass may also provide some interest to those looking for some variety!

There is no mobile coverage whatsoever and no petrol stations once you leave Jindabyne.

The upper section of the Snowy River, above Lake Jindabyne, does provide various fishing opportunities, however the water levels vary enormously with operation of the Hydro Scheme and arguably are not worth the effort. 






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