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 Pinch River

The Pinch River commences its run high in the mountains......... From there it eventaully spills into the Snowy River in the lower country within the Kosciuszko National Park, along the Barry Way.

To fish these rivers drive south from Jindabyne, along the Barry Way, towards the township of Buchan (168km), (where the famous, limestone Buchan Caves are situated). About 45 minutes drive South of Jindabyne the Jacobs River crosses the Barry Way. Drive another 8km and the Pinch River crosses the road. There is a camping ground there (free) which has very basic facilities. The river holds brown and rainbow trout and although overgrown is accesible for a kilometre or so.

Upper sections of the Jacobs River are accessible from Jindabyne, however all access passes directly past houses on private property and encounters locked gates that require steep walks! 

Mobile telephone coverage along the Barry Way is non-existant once you are leass than 10 minutes out of Jindabyne. There is also no petrol for 168km so make sure the car is full before you leave. Much of this road is gravel (2WD is fine) but caravans and trailers are not suitable - road is too narrow!






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