From the tiny streams such as Rendevous Creek, to the often thunderous torrents of the mighty Thredbo River in spring melt, the New South Wales Snowy Mountains has some of the finest trout waters on the planet.  For the trout fisherperson, the beauty lies in their proximity to each other - fish twig streams in the morning then drive 15 minutes and fish the mighty Thredbo with at least twenty other options in between! The choice is endless! 

What is it about fishing rivers for trout? Perhaps Douglas Stewart, in his 1966 book "The Seven Rivers", had found the answer:

"They get away simply because they are so big, these monsters that haunt our dreams.  They leap, and the hook tears out.  They race for rapids and waterfalls, down from one pool to another fifty yards away, and the frail cast breaks when you try to check them.  They are old and cunning and live among snags from which no angler can extricate them.  They have been hooked before and know the perfect procedure for circumventing you".





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