The Streams of the New South Wales Snowy Mountains region are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Often referred to as 'twig streams' in the fly fishing world, these tiny waterways usually hold good populations of both rainbow and brown trout averaging 1/2kg in size, with the occasional specimen to 1kg. Many of these streams aren't worth trying until November/December, when the snow has receded and the insect life has appeared.

In the high alpine areas, where the majority of these streams lie, during the often hot summer months of January/February, the daytime maximum temperatures are a very pleasant 10 degrees celcius cooler than the lower lying areas and this can make for a very pleasant day of fishing indeed! With the lush green grasses and carpets of alpine wildflowers the scenery is breathtaking.

The alpine streams are suitable for fly fishing only, mainly due to their size.  Light weight rods and long leaders are the go for these crystal clear trout havens. 



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